Fabulous Brands

A growing portfolio of fabulous brands owned and managed by our group delivering innovative products to the customers to meet their needs.

End to end process

From development to retailing we specialise in providing the market with customers’ daily essentials.

Global structure

From UK, Europe to East Asia we have been continuously developing new international markets and strengthening the distribution networks.

Broad Range

Our broad products range from Beauty, Personal care, Oral care to Nail care meeting all your needs every day. What you desire, we can provide!

Green Lab Little Hand Sanitiser 100ml

Green Lab Little helps to keep yourself protected from germs and bacteria that can easily be spread through objects.Contains 75% of Alcohol, kills 99.99% of bacteria when you are out and about. It’s your ideal health guardian helps keep you and your family safe from diseases.


ToothyEnvy Oral Care has been specializing in protecting your oral hygiene and health. All types of toothpastes remove and prevent stains on your teeth and has long lasting protection, neutralization of bad breath and for sensitive relief. The Kid’s toothpaste has a sweet strawberry flavour which is loved by children all over the world!

AQUAddict Skin Care

AQUAddict is a dermatological skincare brand that is designed to remove the toughest make-up. For optimal efficacy and completely safe for all types of skin. Contains multiple minerals derived from Iceberg glacial water, it has been clinically proven to cure sensitive skin, and removes impurities for a brighter and luminous skin.


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